Double Sided Exhibition Carpet Tape - NEC Approved - 50mm x 50m

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Removable double sided polyethylene carpet tape printed with "APPROVED FOR N.E.C. FLOORS". Open side is coated with a removable acrylic adhesive. The tape is ideally suited for temporary carpet-laying at exhibitions.

Instructions for use:-

  1. Apply the open side of the tape as it comes off the roll which has a lower tack, to the exhibition floor.
  2. Remove the backing paper to expose the higher tack surface of the tape.
  3. Lay your carpet / carpet tiles as required on top of the exposed tape.
  4. Removal of the carpet leaves no glue residue on the exhibition floor, the tape stays stuck to the underside of the carpet.

Adhesive Colour: Clear

Adhesive Type: Pure Acrylic

Tape Thickness (Carrier & Adh): 0.108mm

Carrier Thickness: 0.060

Peel Adhesive (steel) 24hrs: 120/920N/M

Loop Tack: 140/640N/M

Shear Static (Hrs @ 1KG): 1/120

Temp oC Min Application: +5oC /-5oC

Service Range: -20 to +120oC

Shelf Life: 12mths PSTMA Conditions